Levtec product support

At Levtec, we have no online support service.
In order to obtain product support for the Levtec web site or any of our software products, you need to phone us on our freephone number, or use the submit feedback link.
If you expect a reply from Levtec regarding your support query, make sure the checkbox indicating that you want us to email you back is checked.

Getting the best support

In order to obtain the best possible product support for your Levtec software, we recommend getting it strait from the developers, us.
This will ensure any information you are given is acurate and will also ensure that Levtec are directly notified about bugs, new feature requests etc.

Some of our software may have options within the menu system regarding product support, however these may not always work due to domain changes and site re-adjustment.
Due to the fact that some of our projects have now been discontinued and were done so before any site and domain changes, these bugs can not be rectified.

Requesting support

To submit feedback or request support for any of the Levtec products available, click the link below.
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If you would rather contact us directly, click the link below.
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