Levtec Winstaller

Winstaller is a utility for creating fully accessible windows install disks.
In addition to this, Winstaller is also able to create fully accessible Windows recovery environment (WinRE) images (Professional edition only).
Winstaller supports creating accessible images of the microsoft windows Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2008 r2, 8, Server 2012, 8.1, Server 2012 r2, 10, Server 2016 and Server 2019 operating systems.
Windows 2.X, 3.X, 9X, 2000 and XP are not supported at all by Winstaller, either for image creation or image deployment.

Winstaller features

Some of the features available in winstaller include:

OEM partnership features

The following features are available to OEM partners only. OEM partners are able to redistribute Winstaller images, provided they were generated in OEM partnership mode.

Note that OEM partnership with advanced licensing is included in Winstaller professional edition and enterprise edition licenses. Standard licenses do not include these features.

Features available during desktop environment creation (Advanced license holders only)

The following features are only available during portable desktop environment creation, which is available only to advanced license holders.

Note that advanced licensing is included with Winstaller professional edition and enterprise edition licenses.

Features for sublicensers

The following features are only available to registered Winstaller redistributors.

For more information about redistributing Winstaller, please contact us directly via the feedback form.

Edition differences

We offer three editions of Winstaller, standard, professional and enterprise.
Standard edition allows you to create customised Windows installation media. None of the other features offered by Winstaller are available in standard edition.
Professional edition contains the OEM partnership, advanced licensing and image editing licensing extensions, and there for allows you to take advantage of all the features available in Winstaller apart from the features offered by enterprise edition.
Enterprise edition enables users to select the architecture of the boot image during image creation, as well as create and decrypt encrypted Windows images, converting them from an unusable .esd format to a usable .wim format.
Enterprise edition users are additionally able to encrypt already decrypted Windows and Winstaller images.
Additionally, enterprise users can create Windows Server Essentials Experience client restore images, as well as apply security features such as an image start-up password when creating new images.
With the Accessible Recovery Environment extension for Winstaller enterprise edition, users can apply an accessible recovery environment to their new Windows images.
Additional features will be made available to enterprise license holders in the coming Winstaller releases.

If you purchased Winstaller licensing extensions before we changed the licensing system, you will keep these extensions, however your Winstaller license will not be displayed as professional or enterprise unless you have all licensing extensions.
We do not provide licensing extensions singularly anymore, and currently do not provide edition upgrades from standard edition to professional edition.

Slipstreaming Windows updates from the update repository servers

The update repository servers currently support the following operating systems:

Winstaller extensions

Levtec Winstaller offers a number of extensions for use with the Winstaller desktop application.
These extensions enhance the functionality of either Winstaller or resulting Winstaller images.

Core Recovery for Winstaller

Core Recovery for Winstaller is an extension for Winstaller professional edition or above to enable Winstaller users to use the Levtec Core Recovery environment as the shell application for portable desktop environment images.
It works just like the Core Recovery stand-alone image, with a few additional functions to make it unique.

Accessible Recovery Environment for Winstaller

Accessible Recovery Environment is a specialised Windows Recovery Environment image that you can integrate into your new Windows images.
Once integrated, if you deploy the image to a destination computer and at some point in the future that computer boots into Windows Recovery, the environment will be completely accessible.

This extension is only available to enterprise edition users.
Once purchased and downloaded, you place the recovery environment files in the Winstaller application data directory and when creating new Winstaller images, you will be asked whether you want to include the accessible recovery environment.

Winstaller podcasts

To listen to podcasts created by various Winstaller users that guide you through creating an image, click the link below.
Listen to podcasts about winstaller

Purchasing Winstaller

Winstaller is a licensed product.
A standard license is priced at 59.99 GBP.
The professional license is currently priced at 199.99 GBP.
If you work for an enterprise or require even more functionality than that offered by professional edition, you can purchase enterprise edition for 299.99.
Most of the functionality available in winstaller will be unavailable in the demonstration version, however images created with the demo version will be fully functional when it comes to installing them on computers.
To purchase a winstaller licence, click the link below.
Purchase winstaller

Latest updates

Levtec winstaller version 5.11.3 was released on 02/02/2021 at 14:48

Version history

Please click the link below to get the Winstaller version history.
Version history

For the Core Recovery for Winstaller version history, click here.

For the Levtec Winstaller System Imager extension version history, click here.

Downloading Winstaller

Visit the Winstaller downloads page to download Winstaller and related add-on components.

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