Download Levtec Winstaller

The Winstaller download page provides access to various resources related to the Levtec Winstaller operating system deployment suite.
You can download the Winstaller deployment suite, as well as various extension components designed to work in conjunction with Winstaller.
We additionally provide access to various pre-built Winstaller images and stock Windows images in ISO format for registered users to download and use with Winstaller.

You will require your login credentials in order to access Levtec Winstaller resources.
Note that only registered Winstaller users can access the available Winstaller download resources.
If you are not a registered Winstaller user you can apply for a demonstration.

Accessing Winstaller resources

In order to access Levtec Winstaller resources, you must be a registered Winstaller user.
If you are a registered user you can simply log into the downloads area using your first name and the first letter of your last name as your username and your product key as your password.
For example, if your name is John Smith, your username would be johns.

Download resources

Levtec provide a range of resources for the Winstaller operating system deployment suite.

Download Winstaller

We provide the latest available version of Winstaller for download.
We do not provide old releases. Please do not request old Winstaller releases from Levtec as they are not supported.
Click below to access the Winstaller downloads area.
Access the Winstaller downloads area (Registered users only)

Download Winstaller beta builds

From time to time we make beta builds available to registered users.
We do not always provide beta builds, usually only major versions go through a beta testing process.
If you are a registered Winstaller user and wish to use the latest available Winstaller beta version, click the link below to access the beta downloads area.
Access the Winstaller beta downloads area (Registered users only)
When accessing the Winstaller beta downloads area, use the same credentials you use to login to the stable Winstaller downloads area.

Download Windows images

Levtec provide various Windows images for you to download as a registered Winstaller user.
We provide both stock Windows images obtained directly from official Microsoft online sources, and pre-built Levtec Winstaller images for when you can't create your own images.

Click Download Windows images to visit the Windows image downloads page.

Winstaller extensions

Various extensions have been developed for Winstaller to provide additional functionality.
Some extensions are provided as downloads, some are built in to the Winstaller product and some are provided as downloadable components (DLC) from within Winstaller.

Visit the Winstaller extensions page to learn more about the extensions we provide and access available downloads.

Request a Winstaller demo

If you are not currently a license holder for Winstaller, please click below to request a download.
Note that if you are accepted for a demo, without a Winstaller license you will have very little in the way of the functionality offered by Winstaller to test.
While we would like to be able to unlock more functionality for demo users, previous attempts to demonstrate the power of Winstaller have been met with attempts to crack the activation system so as to steal the product.
For this reason, the demonstration build is highly locked down.
Submit a download request for a Winstaller demo
Note that you will only ever get one download link if your request is approved. You cannot have more than one demo, regardless of new software upgrades.

Other useful resources

To get more information on Winstaller, click the link below.
More information about Winstaller

To listen to Winstaller podcasts, click the link below.
Listen to Winstaller podcasts

To purchase a license to unlock the limitations in Winstaller's trial mode, click below
Purchase a Winstaller license now

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