Levtec App Portal service

Welcome to the Levtec App Portal service.
Using the App Portal service, you can get accesss to all products for which you are registered in one convenient place.

Access your App Portal

If you are registered for the Levtec App Portal service, you can access your portal by filling in the form below.
Note that only registered users can access the App Portal service.
Also note that registration for a paid Levtec product does not register you for access to the Levtec App Portal service, access to App Portal is provided separately.

How to get an App Portal

If you are interested in obtaining an App Portal or want to know more about the benefits of having an App Portal, you will need to contact Levtec.
If you need to contact Levtec, you can Submit feedback via our feedback form.

We have included an App Portal category in the feedback form so as to correctly direct App Portal related queries.
We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you do not currently have access to the App Portal service, you can Visit the downloads page to download software.

Access your App Portal

To access your App Portal, you need to perform a search.
The search will use your first and last names to locate your App Portal.
If your App Portal is located, you will be redirected and will be required to provide your login credentials.
Click the button below to search for your App Portal now.

Content availability

The content available in the App Portal service will vary from user to user.

If you are not a registered Levtec Winstaller license holder, Winstaller and any associated utilities will be unavailable in your App Portal.

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