Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the Levtec corporation web site and all resources available on it.
They also apply to all cloud resources available from Levtec.
Please read carefully.

Downloading software

The software you download from our web site has been tested for general use by Levtec corporation and our beta testers, however extensive testing for particular specialist purposes has not been carried out on any of our products, apart from those products that are reserved for specialist operations.
Levtec corporation do not garrentee the fitness of any of our software products for any purpose other than general use.

General purpose
General purpose or general use in the case of Levtec software means use on systems for which the software was designed.
You are considdered to not be using the software for general purpose tasks when you attempt to run it on a machine type or operating system that is not listed in the supported operating systems list.
Levtec corporation will not provide support for a product that is not being used on the machine type or any of the operating systems that it was designed for, so to make sure you always get support from Levtec when needed, please ensure your operating system is supported by the product you wish to run.
If the information page for a particular product does not contain supported platforms and machine types information, the product should be assumed to run on any operating system in the main supported platforms list.


Your use of the Levtec software available from this site means that you are effectively agreeing to the copyright notice and terms of service on this page.
All Levtec software that does not have an explicitely defined licence agreement is bound by this terms of use document.
Breach of any licence agreements or of any requirements noted in this terms of use document will result in prossicution at the maximum extent permitted by the law.

The information below must be followed as a licence agreement. Breach of these terms will result in punishment by law.
Any Levtec software you download from here may not be reproduced unless in it's origional form and with any copyright notices intacked.
Unauthorised reproduction means reproducing software with counterfit documentation, libraries and any other resources, reproduction of software explicitely licenced to a particular person or business, and reproduction of software created by Levtec under a different company or marketing alieus.
No software available on this site may be reproduced with intent to make proffit.
If you use Levtec cloud resources, access to these resources must not be provided to any other user without permission from Levtec. This does not include cloud based tenancies, which you are allowed to provide access to at your own risk.
If Levtec detect unusual traffic flow from any cloud resources you hold access to, Levtec reserve the right to assess and take action where necessary, including but not limited to suspension of service and destruction of data.

Levtec corporation reserve the right to modify or even completely prevent your use of any of our software products, web based resources and product support services without notice.
This includes but is not limited to cloud resources provided by Levtec.
No personal information or data that can be used to contact you is collected during your download or use of any Levtec product unless you download paid products which are licensed per user.
No information about you, the way you use Levtec products or your computer will be collected when using features of products that access the Levtec web site such as online updating.

Paid products and services

Paid Levtec products are products and services to wich Levtec have provided access based on an agreed monthly or one off rate.
Such products include but are not limited to:

Such services are offered on request or from the Levtec web site.
Levtec do not offer refunds as a general rule but will considder refunding money in the event that the service becomes unavailable due to equipment damage or an inability to cover the administration costs.
In the event of a refund request, if you request a refund from Levtec and you have already activated your license, we will not for any reason refund your purchase.
If you request a refund and it is raised to a dispute, in the event that you do not win the dispute, the product for which you requested a refund is no longer you'res.
If you have purchased products and/or services from Levtec corporation and we discover abuse of your privlages in any way, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your use of such products and/or services without notice, and for as long as we see fit.
If we for any reason provide you with a refund for purchased products and services, you will be ineligible to purchase said products and services in the future. This helps protect Levtec from abuse.
Levtec reserve the right to discontinue your use of paid services at any time and for any reason included but not limited to the abuse mentioned above as we see fit.

General information

If you have any questions about any of the content set out in this document, please contact us via Email

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