Levtec beta testing

Thanks for visiting the levtec beta testing page.
From here, you can join or access the levtec public beta testing group, send an email to the group and download the latest beta software.
Note that if there are no currently on going software beta programs, there will be no links to download levtec beta software.

Beta testing requirements

If you want to beta test, you are required to submit your testing feedback by means of a Google group.
When signed up to our group, you will receive an email whenever someone posts.
You can post to the group from the Google groups web site or by sending or replying to emails from members of the Google group.

Access or join the Levtec public beta testing group

Click the link below to join or access the beta testing group.
Join or access the levtec public beta testing group

Post to the beta testing group

If you are signed up to the beta testing group, click the link below to open your default email client with a new message to the group. Note that all members of the group will receive messages you send.
Send a message to the levtec general beta testing group

Available beta downloads

Please click one of the links below to download a beta product.
Levtec speaking clock v5.00

Important information

Please don't install software available from this page on your primary production system.
The software is not yet suitable for public release.

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