Welcome to the levtec home page.
On this site, you will find the latest in management software for windows that is designed in a friendly manner requiring no mouse input.

You can also find development tools to help you develop your own software, and a small number of basic games.

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Download levtec software

When downloading levtec software, be sure to get the latest available version of a software product unless newer versions are incompatible with your version of windows. Note that unless you are planning to start beta testing with us, we recommend you do not choose beta releases of the software.
Download software

Get more information

We recommend reading the information page relating to the software you want before downloading, to help you get a better understanding of the product.
Read information about the latest levtec software

Before you use our software, check out our list of supported platforms by clicking the link below.
Supported platforms

Product support

To find out information about the support services available from levtec for our web site and software products, click the link below.
Product support

Purchase software from levtec

Levtec offer paid software products which can be purchased directly from our web site.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the paid products we offer, click the link below.
Purchase levtec software

Rate our site and software

Levtec would like to know what you think of our web site and software products.
We would also like to know if you would recommend us to a friend, and weather we responded to any feedback you may have submitted in the past appropriately and efficiently.
Click the link below to take part in our online survey.
Take our online survey

Test our software

At levtec, we offer you the chance to test our products before they are released to the general public.
Anyone can test the software provided it is freeware, and provide feedback to us via our web site.

If you want to test paid software, you must purchase a license for the product you want to test.
Licenses for beta software will in most cases be provided at a cheaper price than when purchasing the released product. This does not apply to products that have already been released and are under going further beta testing to improve functionality and resolve bugs.

Before you sign up to the levtec beta testing group, we recommend you have some experience with the levtec products we are currently allowing you to test.
Visit the levtec public beta page

Donate to levtec

Levtec corporation provide several free software applications, but can't continue doing so without the support of the portion of the public who can afford to help us out.
Please find it in your heart to donate a small amount of money to levtec to ensure the good work is kept up.
To show that we'er not all about the money, we haven't set any limits on how little you may donate, even 50 pence will help.
Donate to levtec

Submit feedback to levtec

Levtec are eager to here what you have to say about the software we offer.
What you say affects the way future versions of our software look and behave.
Please take a moment to fill out our feedback form.
This form can also be used to submit bugs in our software and to request new or updated features.
Submit feedback to levtec

Follow levtec

You can follow levtec on twitter.
Following levtec means you'll get notifications related to new and updated levtec products strait away.
To follow us, click the link below.
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Contact Levtec

Click below to access our contact us page.
Contact us

Legal stuff

All software and resources on this site are governed by the levtec terms and conditions. Click the link below to read the terms and conditions.
Terms and conditions

The levtec privacy statement contains information about what we do with your personal information after it is submitted to us, as well as security measures that are taken to protect such data.
We recommend you read the privacy statement before you submit any personal information to levtec.
Privacy statement

All of the software available from this site was developed and is maintained by levtec corporation.

Use of the software available here is at your own risk.
Levtec corporation make no garrentee as to the fitness of any of our software products for a particular purpose, nore do we recommend using any of our products in secure systems and corporate networks without first carying out testing on your own behalf.


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