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The downloads page provides access to all software products available from Levtec.
Note that some products will require access credentials to download.


Before you download any software, we recommend you take a look at the Information pages provided for any products you have an interest in using.

Some of the software available here will require you to purchase before you can download.
Access to such software is only provided to users who have purchased a software license. Demonstrations may be available on request, however you will be unable to access the full version of such products unless you purchase a software license.
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Available software downloads

All currently available downloads are listed below.
The downloads have been sorted by category to make it easier for you to find what you need.

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Always make sure you have the latest version of a product that is compatible with your operating system.


Siglerpod is a utility written by Levtec for new york times best selling novelist scott sigler.
Using Siglerpod, you can get instant access to all of Scott Sigler's podcast novels.
The novels available in Siglerpod are high quality, unabridged recordings recorded by the author him self, as well as various books recorded by other notable narrators.
Siglerpod also provides users with a way to communicate with eachother via a text chat feature, and gives you the ability to leave comments for your favorite books as well as view comments left by other users.

If you are an audio book lover, give Siglerpod a try.

All the audio books available in Siglerpod are also available directly from Scott Sigler's web site.
You should Visit Scott Sigler's web site to learn more or purchase books and other content.


Our range of utilities include software tools that can help you accomplish tasks such as boosting performance, installing operating systems, recovering your system and more.
Some of the utilities available here should be used with care and only by power users who are comfortable working with advanced technologies.

Licensed utilities

Our range of licensed utilities are software products which require users to purchase a license.
These utilities require access credentials to download.
Access credentials for such products are provided by Levtec after purchase.
Accessible Boot Manager - Bootable BCD/boot loader manager
Core Recovery - System recovery suite
HotMix - Music mixing application
Winstaller - Accessible windows operating system deployment suite

Freeware utilities

Our range of freeware utilities are freely available or fdownload by anyone who is interested.
These utilities are in most cases no longer maintained by Levtec, however can be updated upon request if necessary.
Boot checker for Windows NT versions 5/6
Celcius-fahrenheit converter
Drive power maintainer (DPM)
Loquendo7 companion - Companion utility for Loquendo7 TTS
Performance booster for Windows Vista
Ram Manager - System memory manager
Shutdown assistant
Simple calculator
Sound recorder
Speakerbox voice messenger
Speech generator
Text-hex converter
Text file encrypter
Vdisk virtual disk utility for Windows 7 and Windows server2008 r2
VHDBoot - Bootable virtual hard disk creation utility
WIM Archiver - File compression utility

Development resources

Development resources can help software developers code their software with ease. They can often take out some of the more stremuous work involved in writing a program.
Often, libraries available to software developers will have pre-defined functions built in to them that do most of what your program needs.
Ltcfunct library for c and c++


Our games are verry basic and are intended as a pass time, not as a tool to break boardom.
The games available here are aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 10, however later versions of the mental maths game are aimed at teen-aged children.
Mental maths

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