About us

Levtec provide software that is written to be fully usable by the blind and partially sighted.
Our software ranges from simple utilities to calculate equations and convert measurement units to developer resources, games and advanced utilities to deploy operating systems and recover computers.
Levtec offer both paid and free products for users to download.


All Levtec software is designed with accessibility in mind.
Our software supports keyboard only access, as well as mouse input and touch screen access.

Our flagship product (Levtec Winstaller) is designed to enable the blind and partially sighted to deploy Microsoft Windows operating systems with no sighted assistance.
Extension products enable Winstaller to create system recovery images and bootable recovery media in case of a problem.

We additionally provide accessible music mixing software to enable the blind to digitally mix music.

Our web site has been designed with accessibility in mind, making it easy for screen reader users to navigate quickly and ifficiently.
All online forms requiring information have been designed in a way to make them easy to complete and submit, with no unnecessary graphical content.


All Levtec software is developed by blind or partially sighted developers who understand the need for accessible software and web services.
Our developers test the software thoroughly to ensure it meets the standard we set for accessibility.

Our support team

Our support team is on hand to check all feedback submitted to Levtec and respond as necessary.
We take feedback seriously and do our best to respond to all submissions as appropriate.
The support staff at Levtec are available in most cases day and night to solve problems.


All teams at Levtec collaborate closely to ensure feedback gets to developers as needed, and developers can inform support staff of new features or changes to existing features in our software.
Collaboration is the key to ensuring bug reports are responded to in a timely manner, and that important things we may have overlooked can be promptly addressed.

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